Zombi (Lucio Fulci)

by Frank Yola

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Shit abhorring, see the horror/
I can see death all around me like an aura
So I keep hella mothafuckin' drugs like a hoarder/
Some is trapped in they city, I don't see no boarders
Go "SPLAT!" when I kill 'em, like a scene out a horror movie/
Murder them and the track, pullin' double duty
Point the barrel, go "CLAP!", now they brain oozin'/
That's how you kill a zombie -- Lucio Fulci
Hit 'em in the body and they keep movin'/
Now it's all head-shots and extreme close-ups
Get smoked when I roll up/
When I hit 'em with that flash, get froze up
Now they dead as a doorknob/
This the Dawn of the Dead -- Good mornin'
Could die tomorrow, get your affairs in order/
Board-up the house and load up all the ammo

(It's Yola)


Flow pourin', gotta keep goin'/
Shit can get gory real quick when you see The Omen
I'm barricaded with a gun, stay locked & loaded/
The Walking Dead at my door, then I'll be ready for 'em
And for the record, know the flow is awesome/
Straight gas, kill 'em, then I raise 'em out they coffin
I'm Frank Yola, I'm the one and only/
So potent, they be fiendin' when they come up off it...
All these zombies, I can't get 'em off me/
Staying woke like coffee, they been sleepin' on me
I'm a nightmare, this a haunting/
Came back from the dead to kill 'em like a zombie
It's in the bag, yeah you know I got it/
Go viral, then spread like a virus
The Dead Grateful, so stay rockin'/
Stay coming' with that kill while they stay bitin'


(alright man)


released November 20, 2016
Beat Produced by:
Cookin' Soul (from the mixtape "Night Of The Living Dead 3")

Music/Audio Samples:
Lucio Fulci's "Zombi (AKA Zombi 2)" (1979)
George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" (1968)

Written/Recorded/Mixed & Mastered By:
Frank Yola
@ White House Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA






Frank Yola Los Angeles, California

Frank Yola is a rising hip-hop artist in Los Angeles, California.

With a unique lyrical flow and voice, he's been featured with countless artists from across the globe, including Grammy-nominated rapper and Dr. Dre protégé Knoc-turn'al.

Frank Yola continues to tour, opening up for such prominent hip-hop artists as Twista and Afroman, as he records his self-titled debt album dropping late 2016.
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